Whether you are renovating your house for enjoyment or want to fix issues, a clean up after a renovation is imperative. If you are a homeowner, you would probably want to use the best and quickest method of cleaning.

All you need is to do away with the ubiquitous dust that might cause you to get ill. If you are planning to refurbish your house soon, here are some tips on house cleaning after a renovation or DIY.

Move everything

It is evident that before you start the renovation, you have to move everything. It enables you to have a clear area without obstacles or any items that could make cleaning difficult.

Use a steam cleaner

You are without a doubt not going to use any cleanser. In this case, using a steam cleaner can help you complete the task fast and efficiently. After a renovation, your house is apparently dirt. Using steam cleaners is the best way to keep your house surfaces spick and span.

Why should use a steam cleaning device


Perhaps you are wondering why steam cleaning the best way to clean house after renovation. While there are several other house cleaning methods and tools, steam clean beats them all.

Here are some reasons to use steam cleaners after a refurbishment.

Biodegradable: You do not want to use a method to clean your home that could end up harming you. There are no chemicals involved in steam cleaning, and this makes the cleaners the safest and best way to carry out house cleaning.

Efficient: There are chances that hard you will not clean hard to reach areas when using a cloth to wipe the surfaces. Steam cleaners are efficient when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach parts.

Dissolves: If you used glue during the renovation, steam cleaning is the best way to remove them. It is because it can dissolve substances such as chewing gum or glue.

Evaporate quickly: It takes some time for surfaces cleaned with water dry as compared to steam cleaners. It is because steam evaporates quickly. Apparently, after the renovation, you wouldn’t want stay in a house where every surface is wet. Steam cleaners make it comfortable.

Where should you use steam cleaners?

House cleaning is a tedious task and needs attention. Though steam cleaners are the best in cleaning house after a renovation, it is necessary to know areas and things that you should steam clean.

They include:

  • Tiles
  • Floors
  • Metal fixtures
  • Ceramic
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Carpets

When cleaning your house using a steam cleaner, always consider the material you are cleaning and its reaction to direct water.

This can help to avoid damaging the area. If you aren’t sure of the reaction, use a small area to test response.

While you may love this technique, there are some things and areas that you shouldn’t steam clean. For example, you should avoid walls and everything coated in water-based paint. Following the steam cleaner instructions are necessary.