In the early 2000s, we were talking about home automation. Since then, the semantics have evolved: we speak of a connected house. To what? Almost everything. From the sofa, you can manage your desk, control the heating, monitor the baking of a cake… Useful or futile? Anyway, it makes life easier.

“Our current capacity for mobility combined with technological progress has transformed everything. If home automation has had difficulty democratizing, the banalization of connected objects (smartphone, computer, tablet…) has allowed the real emergence of the “intelligent” home. This observation is that of Bruno Frick, creator of the site which helps to equip itself to face burglaries, risks of fire, gas leaks… “All the actors linked to the new technologies rush into the niche of the connected house,” he continues. Indeed, from SFR to Orange, from Google to Apple, everyone boards to connect the whole house, from the kitchen to the living room. At Legrand, we summarize this enthusiasm as “a new way to install electricity at home.

To prepare meals. Above all, the connected kitchen means feeling helped, assisted, when preparing small dishes. For example, the integrated oven in the Samsung “Chef Collection” has a touch screen with Wi-Fi connection and mobile application for setting and controlling cooking from the sofa. More innovative: the connected De Dietrich oven sends out dinner invitations, manages the races, associates the wines, is inspired by the recipes of the starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Whirlpool, meanwhile, is fine-tuning an interactive cooktop concept: the brand knows the contents of the refrigerator, offers recipes adapted to the available ingredients, guides the cook and, during cooking, the cook can surf the web.

For washing and drying. With its “6th Sense Live” technology, Whirlpool has taken the lead by mixing connectivity and ecosystem. In other words: washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and even refrigerator of this range communicate between them. The dryer thus offers the programme best suited to the washing cycle. The objective of this set of four appliances is to limit energy consumption as much as possible.
To work. With tablets and laptops, data from the office comes into the home. From now on, we work from the living room as well as from the bedroom or… the kitchen. In its Parisian showroom called Domo! Connecting Technology has created a kitchen whose long Corian worktop turns into a huge screen: ideal for checking emails or closing a critical file.

To take care of yourself. Still in this fantastic Domo! showroom apartment, we are surprised by the connectivity that also invests the bathroom.” The bathtub is intended to be multifunctional,” explains Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, director of Connecting Technology. He elaborated: “You can run a bath from a distance, regulate the temperature, quantity, and fragrance of the water from your phone. Even more impressive: “You can access its contents on a wall screen thanks to a waterproof, floating and wireless keyboard.”

To secure everything. Finally, connectivity allows you to manage and protect your home from a computer or smartphone. Shutters, blinds, lights, gates, heating, alarms… everything can be operated remotely. In this respect, Somfy’s new “Tahoma” interface makes it possible to program and control around 100 domestic equipment. A system compatible with Velux, Hitachi, De Dietrich or Philips hue products. A way to control your energy consumption while monitoring your home.