Evenings reserved for women are designed to encourage them to do little housework in Paris France.

Ladies, grab your hammers, saws, drills and get ready to get dirty !!!

the french bricolgirls
The French “Bricolgirls”

For one evening only, the DIY shop will be exclusively in women’s hands. And one thing’s for sure: it’s for work and not a chat meetup.” The marketing chosen by the company behind this initiative does not hide its game plan: at the heart of chattering stereotypes. In the list of proposed activities, the chain of stores starts, for example, with the “creative wall decoration clinic,” far from the illustration accompanying the invitation where a young woman is seen, sawing by hand, wearing protective glasses and protective earbuds on her ears.

The first “evening of feminine craftsmanship” which took place Thursday evening in Villeneuve (France) was in any case full, unfortunately. And it is also about laying laminate, wall fixings and replacing the siphons… There was a lot of sawing and manipulation that many men would have had a hard time doing.

An interesting way to push women DIY

But would a 100% women’s night be a good idea to serve the women’s cause? Are they seen as so mediocre that they need courses, free of charge and just for themselves, to bring them up to the level of their male counterparts? Feminists do not necessarily dislike the initiative.

bricol girls in diy action

The idea of a non-mixed environment is exciting for most ladies taking part in this training. A study of women facing a bicycle to repair in the presence of men, they let them do it, but in their absence, they did not hesitate to get on with it. We are educated in a society based on gender binarity. These spaces of non-gender mixity make it possible to overcome it, each participant being led to carry out all sorts of tasks, even those usually assigned to men.

It notes with regret, however,” a form of instrumentalization and commercialization of feminism.” On-site, the participants, appeared to be quite far from these concerns and seemed convinced. No judgment, no pressure, and laughter that alternated with great concentration. It was despite the fact that almost all the experts who offered demonstrations were men.