About Us

Sally and Pierson are advocates of a healthy and sustainable environment.  While busy practicing their own professions in California, they’ve managed to keep on writing about the environment and their passion for homes and new tech.  In 2010, they’ve collaborated and come up with this blog about remodeling homes and converting them into sustainable abodes using eco-friendly materials and energy saving solutions.

Sally is a civil engineer by profession who has been an advocate of green living since her teens, having been raised by parents who love the outdoors.  Pierson, on the other hand, is an environmental engineer involved in waste management as well as pollution control projects.

Sally and Pierson are both living between homes located in California and in France in the city of Nantes.

How to retrofit the heritage with efficient performing economic solutions and make them accessible to everyone?

How to reduce urban sprawl ? How to avoid artificial soil ? How to welcome newcomers into an existing social fabric ?

Solar Phileas project falls within the urban context of Bas-Chantenay district in Nantes. The neighborhood is located vis-à-vis La Cité Radieuse of Le Corbusier, on the other side of the Loire, and faces l’île de Nantes, now changing. Reflecting both urban, vegetable, and social energy was

Hope you enjoy reading us!