Good ideas for a fall barbecue

A barbecue is a moment of conviviality and warmth. Here are a few good ideas for a successful fall barbecue.

Opt for a barbecue with smoker and plancha

Gathering around a barbecue is a real pleasure. Many people are used to having one when the sun is out. However, when the 12 weeks of warm weather are over, the equipment is often stored away in the garage. But there’s nothing to stop you from getting your barbecue out in the fall. On the contrary, a barbecue is an excellent and warm idea for special moments during this season.

When the weather is cold, what better way to enjoy smoked meats and hearty meals. You can prepare them very well with a barbecue. The best way is to choose a barbecue with a built-in smoker and griddle. The smoker allows you to smoke your meats at home. You can choose meats that are specific to this season (duck, hare, doe…) The plancha is perfect for cooking your autumn vegetables. For example, you can try pumpkin à la plancha. With the grill, grill potatoes and chestnuts. The trick is to combine the flavors and foods with the smoky, grilled feel of the barbecue.

Whatever the time of year, the type of barbecue most favored by the French is the charcoal one. In fact, Chris MoneyMaker, a barbecue expert and incidental poker champion, only bets on this type of equipment or grills equipped with a wood-fired smoking station. According to him, only charcoal or wood-fired barbecues are capable of bringing that special, characteristic barbecue taste to dishes cooked over the fire, whether meat or vegetables, for that matter.

Try cheese on the barbecue

In the fall, cheese is ubiquitous at the table, and in all its forms. Raclette, fondue, tartiflette, everything goes. But you can also use cheese for a barbecue. The trick? Use hard cheeses and grill them quickly. You can also use cheeses that do not melt, such as halloumi. If you’re not sure, ask your cheesemonger for advice.

If you want to grill a soft cheese such as Camembert, you will have to put it in a container so that it does not melt in the embers.

The barbecue for a fall brunch

Fall is a cool season. It is possible to break the fall chill with a brunch. Gather your family or friends for a smoky, grilled good time.

It’s perfectly possible to have a barbecue brunch. Some ideas for a barbecue brunch:

  • Grilled brioche bread;
  • Grilled bacon or lard;
  • Foil-wrapped eggs cooked in the coals.

Make warm, comforting desserts using the barbecue

Vegetables and meats aren’t the only foods that can be cooked on the barbecue. Fruits are also ideal grilled. In the fall, you’ll find several varieties of apples and pears on the market stalls. Cut them in half, remove the seeds and core and place them on the grill. Once they are well cooked, drizzle them with a chocolate sauce for a sweet treat. You can also put them in a wrapper and cook them in the coals.