Good ideas for a fall barbecue

A barbecue is a moment of conviviality and warmth. Here are a few good ideas for a successful fall barbecue.

Opt for a barbecue with smoker and plancha

Gathering around a barbecue is a real pleasure. Many people are used to having one when the sun is out. However, when the 12 weeks of warm weather are over, the equipment is often stored away in the garage. But there’s nothing to stop you from getting your barbecue out in the fall. On the contrary, a barbecue is an excellent and warm idea for special moments during this season.

When the weather is cold, what better way to enjoy smoked meats and hearty meals. You can prepare them very well with a barbecue. The best way is to choose a barbecue with a built-in smoker and griddle. The smoker allows you to smoke your meats at home. You can choose meats that are specific to this season (duck, hare, doe…) The plancha is perfect for cooking your autumn vegetables. For example, you can try pumpkin à la plancha. With the grill, grill potatoes and chestnuts. The trick is to combine the flavors and foods with the smoky, grilled feel of the barbecue.

Whatever the time of year, the type of barbecue most favored by the French is the charcoal one. In fact, Chris MoneyMaker, a barbecue expert and incidental poker champion, only bets on this type of equipment or grills equipped with a wood-fired smoking station. According to him, only charcoal or wood-fired barbecues are capable of bringing that special, characteristic barbecue taste to dishes cooked over the fire, whether meat or vegetables, for that matter.

Try cheese on the barbecue

In the fall, cheese is ubiquitous at the table, and in all its forms. Raclette, fondue, tartiflette, everything goes. But you can also use cheese for a barbecue. The trick? Use hard cheeses and grill them quickly. You can also use cheeses that do not melt, such as halloumi. If you’re not sure, ask your cheesemonger for advice.

If you want to grill a soft cheese such as Camembert, you will have to put it in a container so that it does not melt in the embers.

The barbecue for a fall brunch

Fall is a cool season. It is possible to break the fall chill with a brunch. Gather your family or friends for a smoky, grilled good time.

It’s perfectly possible to have a barbecue brunch. Some ideas for a barbecue brunch:

  • Grilled brioche bread;
  • Grilled bacon or lard;
  • Foil-wrapped eggs cooked in the coals.

Make warm, comforting desserts using the barbecue

Vegetables and meats aren’t the only foods that can be cooked on the barbecue. Fruits are also ideal grilled. In the fall, you’ll find several varieties of apples and pears on the market stalls. Cut them in half, remove the seeds and core and place them on the grill. Once they are well cooked, drizzle them with a chocolate sauce for a sweet treat. You can also put them in a wrapper and cook them in the coals.

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Ecological house: which heater to choose?

Which heating system should you choose when renovating your home for energy efficiency? The question is very important. To reinforce the ecological character of your home, you will have to choose the right heater. There are many possibilities in this respect. There are different types of heaters that can reduce the environmental impact of your home and, at the same time, reduce your heating costs.

It is by considering your needs, your situation, before anything else, that you will have to choose.

A conventional or condensing natural gas heater

Of course, heaters that run on natural gas use fossil fuels. However, this energy resource is the “cleanest” fossil energy. If, for technical reasons, your situation does not allow you to use renewable energy, then it is recommended that you opt for a gas condensing heater, which offers optimum efficiency. This type of installation recovers the heat contained in the water vapour in the flue gas and, in this way, reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to a traditional solution. The gas condensing heater is a good transitional solution.

The other option is the low-temperature gas heater, whose principle is to circulate in the circuit water heated to 50°C, instead of 90°C in a traditional heater. For optimal operation, it must be coupled with soft heat emitters, whether underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators. The low-temperature gas heater allows you to reduce your energy consumption by 12 to 15%.

The wood heater: for 100% renewable energy

Opting for a wood-fired heater can be very interesting if you want to replace your heater that runs on fossil fuel, gas or heating oil. Wood has the advantage of being affordable and renewable, provided that the resource used comes from sustainably managed forests

Ideally, therefore, opt for a wood pellet heater, automatically fed by a system connected to a silo. There are also log heaters, but this is more restrictive in that it must be fed manually.

The hybrid heater: a foot in the energy transition

The installation of a wood heater is not always possible, depending on the configuration of the house. Another option is a hybrid installation, which combines a traditional heater running on natural gas with renewable energy provided by heat pumps.

The traditional installation, which in most cases uses fossil fuels, is used as a back-up. Most of the time, the heating energy is provided by an air-to-water heat pump, which draws the calories from the ambient air outside, or by a geothermal heat pump, which draws the calories from the ground. The big advantage is that this energy is free. The downside is that, in the event of extreme cold, the heat pump will not provide enough heat, due to the lack of exploitable calories in the environment.

A heat pump will therefore perform better in the sunniest parts of the country. In the coldest areas, the use of auxiliary energy will be indispensable.

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Buying Real Estate With Bitcoin: What You Need To Consider

If you’ve invested heavily in Bitcoin, you may want to use this cryptocurrency to make other types of investments. For example, you might want to think about buying real estate with Bitcoin. If you do decide to do this, there are a lot of things that you’ll have to take into account. These are a few of the things you should be considering.

Do You Have Enough Bitcoin To Finance Your Entire Purchase?

Can you cover the entire real estate purchase with your cryptocurrency, or will you merely be using the Bitcoin to cover the cost of the downpayment? If you’re going to be seeking a loan from a bank, you might need to convert your Bitcoin into cash before you can move forward with a sale. Visit this site pour acheter des bitcoins to find more!

The options available to you will change based on the type of purchase you are making. If you need a loan, you’ll have to deal with a lot more restrictions. You should look at the funds that you have, and you should see what you need to make your purchase.

Do You Want To Sell Your Cryptocurrency Before The Purchase?

If you decide to buy a house in cash, you can expect the process to go very smoothly. Of course, if you want to do that, you’ll want to make sure that you have the cash you need in the bank. In a scenario like this, it’s likely that you’ll have to sell your cryptocurrency to finance the sale.

It isn’t necessary to sell cryptocurrency to finance a purchase like this. However, it’s possible that it could give you more options. You should decide whether or not you want to pay in cash. If you do decide to sell, you’ll want to do that in advance. It might take time for the sale to complete, and you’ll want to be sure that you have the funds that you need when you need them.

Do You Have A Specific Property In Mind?

Whether or not you’ll be able to pay with cryptocurrency will depend on the buyer. You should check to see if the buyer you’re working with is willing to accept Bitcoin. If the bank still owns the property, then you’ll have to see if their bank is willing to take crypto transactions.

If you don’t have a specific property that you’re after, you’ll be able to explore a lot of different options. You can focus on finding a seller that accepts Bitcoin. There is an excellent chance that you’ll be able to connect with someone that will be able to assist you. You may even be able to find a realtor that can connect you with an appropriate buyer.

Is There A Better Time To Buy?

Like stocks, cryptocurrency rises and falls in value. At certain times, the value of a cryptocurrency can be quite high. At other times, the cost of that particular coin will be lower. You should keep an eye on the market so that you can find the right times to buy and sell.

If you time your purchase appropriately, you’ll be able to do more with the Bitcoin that you have. You’ll be able to make the most of your funds and maximize this investment. Being patient could pay off for you in a big way.

There are a lot of different things that you’ll have to consider if you’re going to be buying real estate with Bitcoin. You’ll want to consider these options before you make any purchases. With a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your purchase goes smoothly.

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Wooden house: what you need to know before building

Building a wooden house is an options attracting more and more households in western countried. But before starting on this type of project, a few small clarifications are often welcome: Advantages, disadvantages, comparison with other kinds of constructions.

Wooden houses have Llong been victims of a somewhat outdated image, wood construction is tending to gain popularity thanks to its reputation for green construction and the technical and aesthetic efforts made.

Wooden house: great architectural freedom

Indeed, wood has become one of the architects’ preferred materials for modern and contemporary house construction projects.

The reason for this enthusiasm lies in one of the first advantages of wood construction: it is the material that allows the most significant architectural creativity. The flexibility of wood, its lightness (it is strong compared to its weight, very light) combined with increasingly sophisticated construction techniques makes it the ideal material for architectural results very different from each other.

For extensions, wood also is a material of choice. All the more reason to decide on a wooden house. If you plan to expand it one day, nothing will be more natural than to match it with an extension in the same material.

Wooden house: Good insulation performance

Be careful, however, with thermal performance. The wood-frame house offers high insulation performance by eliminating thermal bridges. However, not all wooden house models will be superior to other types of construction. It all depends on the insulation you install in your wood-frame home.

If the most efficient solutions achieve excellent results, an entry-level wood-frame house may not stand comparison with a carefully insulated masonry house. Nevertheless, if it is true that wooden houses have excellent insulating properties, it is essential to know that wood has poor inertia. In summary, your wood house will heat faster but will not release heat as efficiently as a well built, well-insulated masonry house.

Building with wood, what you need to know?

If the advantages of wood construction can seduce, is it nevertheless advisable to build in wood everywhere, even in regions where forests are not very present and where wood construction remains marginal?

The town halls are more and more open regarding the acceptance of building permits for wooden houses. However, it should be noted that a building permit may under no circumstances be refused on the grounds of the nature of the material.

To be sure to have your building permit accepted, it is best to entrust your construction project to an architect, who will be able to find the aesthetic compromises that will allow the project to be accepted.

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Which differences does a connected house make?

In the early 2000s, we were talking about home automation. Since then, the semantics have evolved: we speak of a connected house. To what? Almost everything. From the sofa, you can manage your desk, control the heating, monitor the baking of a cake… Useful or futile? Anyway, it makes life easier.

“Our current capacity for mobility combined with technological progress has transformed everything. If home automation has had difficulty democratizing, the banalization of connected objects (smartphone, computer, tablet…) has allowed the real emergence of the “intelligent” home. This observation is that of Bruno Frick, creator of the site which helps to equip itself to face burglaries, risks of fire, gas leaks… “All the actors linked to the new technologies rush into the niche of the connected house,” he continues. Indeed, from SFR to Orange, from Google to Apple, everyone boards to connect the whole house, from the kitchen to the living room. At Legrand, we summarize this enthusiasm as “a new way to install electricity at home.

To prepare meals. Above all, the connected kitchen means feeling helped, assisted, when preparing small dishes. For example, the integrated oven in the Samsung “Chef Collection” has a touch screen with Wi-Fi connection and mobile application for setting and controlling cooking from the sofa. More innovative: the connected De Dietrich oven sends out dinner invitations, manages the races, associates the wines, is inspired by the recipes of the starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Whirlpool, meanwhile, is fine-tuning an interactive cooktop concept: the brand knows the contents of the refrigerator, offers recipes adapted to the available ingredients, guides the cook and, during cooking, the cook can surf the web.

For washing and drying. With its “6th Sense Live” technology, Whirlpool has taken the lead by mixing connectivity and ecosystem. In other words: washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and even refrigerator of this range communicate between them. The dryer thus offers the programme best suited to the washing cycle. The objective of this set of four appliances is to limit energy consumption as much as possible.
To work. With tablets and laptops, data from the office comes into the home. From now on, we work from the living room as well as from the bedroom or… the kitchen. In its Parisian showroom called Domo! Connecting Technology has created a kitchen whose long Corian worktop turns into a huge screen: ideal for checking emails or closing a critical file.

To take care of yourself. Still in this fantastic Domo! showroom apartment, we are surprised by the connectivity that also invests the bathroom.” The bathtub is intended to be multifunctional,” explains Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, director of Connecting Technology. He elaborated: “You can run a bath from a distance, regulate the temperature, quantity, and fragrance of the water from your phone. Even more impressive: “You can access its contents on a wall screen thanks to a waterproof, floating and wireless keyboard.”

To secure everything. Finally, connectivity allows you to manage and protect your home from a computer or smartphone. Shutters, blinds, lights, gates, heating, alarms… everything can be operated remotely. In this respect, Somfy’s new “Tahoma” interface makes it possible to program and control around 100 domestic equipment. A system compatible with Velux, Hitachi, De Dietrich or Philips hue products. A way to control your energy consumption while monitoring your home.

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How To Get Professional Commercial and Office Cleaning Services.

Keeping your office clean tidy and organized is the best way to maintain a positive atmosphere at the workplace. A clean and organized environment plays a significant role in improving production efficiencies.

With the presence of many janitors in the industry today, it is essential that you make the right choice, so you get the best services. When looking for the best office cleaning services Alexandria has many who are certified and capable of providing excellent services.

Before you set out in search of prospective service providers, it is crucial that you first understand your needs. It includes determining exactly how you want the workplace to be cleaned and if there areas that require specialized cleaning. Understanding your specific needs will help to only look for companies which provide service that suits your needs.

If you do not have some names in mind, locating prospective cleaners is perhaps why you will be doing next.

commercial cleaners in actionThis can be easily be achieved using two approaches: asking for word of mouth referrals and searching online. If you know of other business owners using companies they approve, ask them for recommendations. They should, however, provide reasons why they think that group will be suitable for your needs.

When selecting a janitor, you will be allowing access to your offices to a stranger. It is hence essential that the individuals who come to clean your room are from a legitimate company. Check if that company is licensed by the state to provide services in question. If given a license number, consider following up with relevant authorities to determine if there are any unresolved complaints from past clients.

Another important consideration is the available resources at the disposal of the cleaner.

Does the cleaning company you are considering can grow with your firm? Check if they have a track record of being flexible with the delivery of their services. Many are times that companies settle for budding janitors and then realize they have outgrown their capabilities hence find themselves in the process of selecting other janitors again.

Training and experience of their personality is another critical consideration.

You want a firm that has employees who are excellently trained and experienced and understand the philosophy of a commercial workplace. Look how they source their employees and if they invest in their motivation and development.

The cost of cleaning varied depending on how reputable and experienced a service provider is, as well as the complexities involved. Consider asking for quotes from some companies first. The best service provider will first visit your office to assess the nature of work to be done, note your specific requirements before they can give an estimate.

Consider comparing rates of some companies, so you know who charges reasonably.

When searching for janitorial service for your workplace, it is essential that you do your research thoroughly. Read reviews and testimonials, check their online presence and their brand values. The best option should be professionals who take time to understand needs of their customers. Asking for recommendations from other business owners will help you locate reputable service providers.

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4 Benefits of Using Drone Photography in Construction Activities

Do you want to know the benefits of drone photography in construction activities? Drones are becoming everyday devices, the reason being you can use them for recreational or business purposes. One area you can benefit from using your drone is when it comes to construction.

Aerial photography is less expensive with meilleur multirotor and provides you with a more comfortable way of getting the best images when you compare it with other forms. For instance, you can use in the planning of the construction job, monitoring the progress and streamlining the building process.

professional drone operatorHowever, you need to ensure you follow drone traffic regulations. For instance, you should avoid taking images of people who are not involved in the construction and flying the drone in populated areas. For the best results, make sure the drone doesn’t leave the airspace above your construction site.
The best drones come with technologies which ensure they don’t move beyond marked areas, no matter what you try to do. In this informative post, we’ll look at four benefits of using drones in construction activities.

1. Planning the Construction

For the best outcome in your construction activities, you need to use drone photography if you want to get the best views of the proposed building site. It will ensure you get the best details for production and logistics planning. Other areas you can your drone include land surveys, laser scanning, and thermal imaging. Remember you can use a succession or aerial images to come up with time-lapse videos or pictures to put on your business website.

Another benefit of using drones in construction is it gives you the ability to monitor remote building projects and those in city centers. Many property owners will in many instances want to know how the building projects appear from the top of the structure, which means you can use your drone to provide them with the best results.

2. Documents the Progress of the Building Project

Drone photography gives you a unique perspective on the construction project. That’s because you get excellent and in-depth photos of the building projects than what you could have got using other means of aerial photography. Digital photography has also made it faster for you to get the best images, which means you will document the progress of your projects.

For instance, your drone ensures you get real-time information on the construction progress and provides you with the opportunity to share these photos with other stakeholders or remote owners. Many professionals are nowadays using drones for better results and improved communication, which means you, should consider purchasing the best aerial drones.

3. Spot Potential Difficult Issues

drone mission in progressWhen on a construction job site, you will find some areas difficult to access, which means inspecting them may be one hard task. Keep in mind accidents occur in the regions that are difficult to view from the ground. Drone photography is among one of the best ways to get the best views from these areas and reduces potential accidents. For example, your drone will provide you with detailed photos, enabling you to pinpoint problem areas.

You can use planning to mitigate logistics and safety problems. You can also use your drone to carry equipment, food, water and medical aid in the unfortunate case that workers get trapped in remote areas.

4. Capture the Best Marketing Images

When it comes to marketing, you should always remember that pictures sell. Drone photography is one of the best ways to get marketing photos which you can use on your business website, social media accounts, brochures and flyers. You can get completed project images or still images and videos which you can show potential customers about your construction jobs.

Property owners will be happy with views and share images of their building projects whaler they are in progress and after completion. It means if you want to market your business, you should make sure you purchase high-quality drones that will ensure you get the best aerial images and photos. Remember many companies provide aerial drone support, meaning you can hire them to get the best images for you.


Drone photography provides you with several benefits if you’re in the construction industry. Make sure you take the quality, cost, and value of drones when deciding to add them to your business budget. You should also ensure you follow safety precautions when flying your drone for the best outcome.

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Do-it-yourself classes with No men

Evenings reserved for women are designed to encourage them to do little housework in Paris France.

Ladies, grab your hammers, saws, drills and get ready to get dirty !!!

the french bricolgirls
The French “Bricolgirls”

For one evening only, the DIY shop will be exclusively in women’s hands. And one thing’s for sure: it’s for work and not a chat meetup.” The marketing chosen by the company behind this initiative does not hide its game plan: at the heart of chattering stereotypes. In the list of proposed activities, the chain of stores starts, for example, with the “creative wall decoration clinic,” far from the illustration accompanying the invitation where a young woman is seen, sawing by hand, wearing protective glasses and protective earbuds on her ears.

The first “evening of feminine craftsmanship” which took place Thursday evening in Villeneuve (France) was in any case full, unfortunately. And it is also about laying laminate, wall fixings and replacing the siphons… There was a lot of sawing and manipulation that many men would have had a hard time doing.

An interesting way to push women DIY

But would a 100% women’s night be a good idea to serve the women’s cause? Are they seen as so mediocre that they need courses, free of charge and just for themselves, to bring them up to the level of their male counterparts? Feminists do not necessarily dislike the initiative.

bricol girls in diy action

The idea of a non-mixed environment is exciting for most ladies taking part in this training. A study of women facing a bicycle to repair in the presence of men, they let them do it, but in their absence, they did not hesitate to get on with it. We are educated in a society based on gender binarity. These spaces of non-gender mixity make it possible to overcome it, each participant being led to carry out all sorts of tasks, even those usually assigned to men.

It notes with regret, however,” a form of instrumentalization and commercialization of feminism.” On-site, the participants, appeared to be quite far from these concerns and seemed convinced. No judgment, no pressure, and laughter that alternated with great concentration. It was despite the fact that almost all the experts who offered demonstrations were men.

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Tips to Clean a House after a Renovation or DIY

Whether you are renovating your house for enjoyment or want to fix issues, a clean up after a renovation is imperative. If you are a homeowner, you would probably want to use the best and quickest method of cleaning.

All you need is to do away with the ubiquitous dust that might cause you to get ill. If you are planning to refurbish your house soon, here are some tips on house cleaning after a renovation or DIY.

Move everything

It is evident that before you start the renovation, you have to move everything. It enables you to have a clear area without obstacles or any items that could make cleaning difficult.

Use a steam cleaner

You are without a doubt not going to use any cleanser. In this case, using a steam cleaner can help you complete the task fast and efficiently. After a renovation, your house is apparently dirt. Using steam cleaners is the best way to keep your house surfaces spick and span.

Why should use a steam cleaning device


Perhaps you are wondering why steam cleaning the best way to clean house after renovation. While there are several other house cleaning methods and tools, steam clean beats them all.

Here are some reasons to use steam cleaners after a refurbishment.

Biodegradable: You do not want to use a method to clean your home that could end up harming you. There are no chemicals involved in steam cleaning, and this makes the cleaners the safest and best way to carry out house cleaning.

Efficient: There are chances that hard you will not clean hard to reach areas when using a cloth to wipe the surfaces. Steam cleaners are efficient when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach parts.

Dissolves: If you used glue during the renovation, steam cleaning is the best way to remove them. It is because it can dissolve substances such as chewing gum or glue.

Evaporate quickly: It takes some time for surfaces cleaned with water dry as compared to steam cleaners. It is because steam evaporates quickly. Apparently, after the renovation, you wouldn’t want stay in a house where every surface is wet. Steam cleaners make it comfortable.

Where should you use steam cleaners?

House cleaning is a tedious task and needs attention. Though steam cleaners are the best in cleaning house after a renovation, it is necessary to know areas and things that you should steam clean.

They include:

  • Tiles
  • Floors
  • Metal fixtures
  • Ceramic
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Carpets

When cleaning your house using a steam cleaner, always consider the material you are cleaning and its reaction to direct water.

This can help to avoid damaging the area. If you aren’t sure of the reaction, use a small area to test response.

While you may love this technique, there are some things and areas that you shouldn’t steam clean. For example, you should avoid walls and everything coated in water-based paint. Following the steam cleaner instructions are necessary.

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Green Roof: An Eco-Friendly Remodeling Option

A green roof uses plants in place of the usual roof shingles or tiles typically installed by homeowners.  To build one, you need layers of material placed on your roof deck.  These include soil-filter cloth, water proof layer, soil mix and of course, plants.

Green roofs can either be intensive or extensive.  One of the major differences is that the intensive type allows homeowners to use the roof top as another outdoor space.  The extensive green roof, on the other hand, is quite low-key and won’t function as an additional space.

These roof types offer benefits to both homeowner and community. They help lower your bills related to cooling and heating your home because they are great insulators.  Studies reveal that homeowners with green roofs have lower demand for air conditioning and this is a big cut in your energy bills.  Moreover, since green roofs act as a sponge, they help reduce the volume of rainwater running into sewers.

Are you planning to remodel your home?  Consider green roofs.  Apart from savings, you get to help the community too.

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Converting Your Bath Into An Energy – Efficient Space

A lot has been said about remodeling the green way and most of the time, it’s the kitchen that gets the most attention.  After all, it’s one of the most used room and therefore, any cost-savings fixture that’s installed in the kitchen equates to a significant amount of savings for the homeowner.

But there are other areas your home that may also be “green” zoned and yes your bathroom is one of them.  Have you tried replacing your bathroom vent fan with a more energy efficient model?  While it is true that vent fans are used only for a few minutes, replacing it with an energy-efficient model could save you up to 50%.

Replacing your old faucets with a model that works through sensors will help lower your water bill.  Family members often ignore the fact that unused running water from the faucet (even for a minute) leads to wastage that could up your water bill.

The next time you remodel, include your bathroom too. This small space can generate savings if you know which fixtures to install.

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Lighting Up Your Kitchen While Saving On Energy

When you are remodeling your kitchen, one of the focal points of the project is lighting. This is because a great deal of time is spent in this particular area of the home.  Modern home kitchens nowadays aren’t just for cooking, washing cookware, and storing pantry items.  It is no longer just a room where you family members eat breakfast.

The kitchen has become a multi-purpose area.  Apart from cooking and dining, some family members converge to this place when there are guests coming over.

For this reason, one of the top kitchen remodeling must-haves of most homeowners is the installation of proper lighting.  Appropriate lighting isn’t confined to aesthetics but is supposed to bring about safety, comfort and efficient use of energy.

Contractors and builders are a great source of ideas when it comes to remodeling kitchens when you want to traverse the greener route.  Here’s what they advise.

Plan the layout

Ready your kitchen layout and indicate the fixtures you want to be installed.  The layout should maximize the use of lighting.  Safety should be a major consideration.  The type of lighting should match the tasks you are to do in each area.  Appropriate lighting for showcasing your favorite decors must also be considered.

Choose fluorescent lights

As much as possible choose lighting products that are known for their energy-saving features.  Avoid the use of old incandescent- type lighting products.  Choose lamps bearing the Color Rendering Index of about 70 or 80.  At this CRI level, the product gives off light with a more natural glow.

When using recessed lighting, make sure the bulbs are either CFLs or LED lamps.  Using these bulb types will bring about energy savings.  CFLs or compact fluorescent lights are more expensive versus regular bulbs.  However, when you think of long-term savings, this bulb is a great pick.  Because CFL will remain functional for up to times more than incandescent bulbs, you save more in the long run.

On the other hand, LEDs or light emitting diodes come in small sizes.  But small as it is, the savings are big.  You’ll probably consume less electricity, around 90 percent, versus incandescent bulbs.

Beware however of the proper use of recessed lights because when installing improperly, it can be a source of air leakages.  When this goes undetected your energy bills may go up because air can go in or out of the house through these small pathways.  Caulking at the rims, when done properly, can prevent air from seeping in or out.

Install dimming controls

Dimmer switches allow you flexibility.  When doing tasks requiring attention to details or those that require careful execution, switching lights at full is appropriate.  However, when using dimmer switches for purely decorative purposes as it is when showcasing your favorite décor or bric-a-brac, a lower lighting is sufficient.  Of course, when your lamp is generally switched to low lighting mode, you save more energy and costs in terms of bulb replacements.

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